The Great Purge of 2015

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and just can’t handle the “stuff” any longer? Well I did. Yesterday.

It was ugly. Or I was ugly. I turn into some sort of Jekyll and Hyde creature when I get my mind set on something. Much to The Carnivore’s chagrin, I began chunking stuff the minute I woke up. Poor guy never had a chance to finish his coffee…

And when I turn into this monster, I don’t take pictures. I don’t want anything standing in my way…phone calls, cameras, hugs, or conversation. I told you – I turn into a barbarian.

It started with a pile of magazines. I had entirely too many piled up in a corner of my room that I was saving for workouts, recipes, etc. Yeah right, I’m never going to get to them. So into the recycling bin they went.

Then I moved to under the bathroom sink. If there’s an apocalypse I am fully prepared with travel sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and body soap. I felt a little guilty giving these the heave-ho. I remember my great-grandma, Jewell, would throw her soap remnants in a bucket under her sink. She said they had to do that during the depression, so she continued to do it through her adult life… Sorry, grandma.

Next up…closet. I used to work in a corporate job and dressed up everyday. Let’s be honest, I never want to work at a place that I have to wear heels everyday again…or real pants for that matter. All my business casual clothes went to the Goodwill pile.

After the closet purge, I decided I needed to settle down. I don’t think this was the Saturday my poor husband had in mind… so I laced up my shoes and braved the cold weather for a quick 4 miles. Nothing like 4 miles worth of therapy to settle the crazy.

IMG_6538I’ve had several people on Instagram and Facebook ask me about my shirt. I got mine as a gift last Christmas, but you can find them here! Your lungs will thank you.

After a run, several hours of yoga homework (I go back to teacher training this week!), and a long hot shower, I’m back to normal. My name is Cassie – I love hugs, cuddles and sharing ice-cream.

When doing yoga homework, you must do it in side crow.

When doing yoga homework, you must do it in side crow.

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