2014 – You Were Pretty Rad.

Can you believe it? Today is the last day of 2014. How did this happen? This year flew by in the blink of an eye – I’m not ok with it. I’ve always heard that as you get older the years fly by faster, which is totally messed up. As soon as you’re able to appreciate your years they begin to blow past you without warning. Youth is wasted on the young, I tell ya.

Yesterday I started thinking about my 2014 in review – What did I accomplish? What would I like to change in 2015? You know, the usual.

2014 was my year of  “do.” I told myself I wanted to do things that scared me; make time to do more in terms of movies, trips, nice dinners out, yoga workshops, etc.; and do a pull-up.

Well, I am happy to report I’ve done nearly all of these things. Except a pull-up, which wasn’t for a lack of effort. Turns out I’m just a pansy, but I’m working on that. Maybe 2015 will be the year of the pull up?

In 2014 I started a blog. Scared the dickens out of me to press “publish” the first time. I have loved being able to share recipes with my friends and family, and document our lives. This has been one of the most rewarding things I did with my 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.35.08 AM

Speaking of the blog – do you want to know what you guys decided was my top post of 2014? Guide to Green Smoothies!

I also began yoga teacher training. This was a HUGE and frightening decision. Read about it here. Looking back, I can’t imagine NOT going to yoga school. Those training days have been some of the best weeks of my year!

First day of yoga school.

First day of yoga school.

I ran 10 consecutive miles…on more than 1 occasion. I’ve never been a runner. In high school I would cry if you made me run 1 mile, I’m not kidding. In 2013, I signed up for my first 5K. In 2014, I just kept running. I’m only a novice, but I really enjoy lacing up my shoes and getting outside. Maybe I’ll run a half marathon in 2015? Don’t take that as a resolution – I can’t handle that kind of pressure.


I began teaching yoga. What started as being a sub, has turned into teaching 5 classes a week! I know my teaching style has changed so much over the last year, but I still don’t think I’ve found my niche’. It’ll come, I’m sure of it. Right?

L to R: Kelly, Me, Amber, Ericka.

L to R: Kelly, Me, Amber, Ericka.

I took time for myself. I went to a yoga workshop in Wichita with Kathryn Budig, took relaxing trips to Echo Canyon and The Canebrake, went to a fitness conference, traveled to a yoga festival, went to Portland with my best girls, made more trips to Benvenuti’s than usual, and became a regular in The Warren director’s suite! I’ll take it.


I did a handstand! …for more than .34897 seconds. I can now hold them for about 30 seconds (on a good day). Big accomplishment! I’ve been working on a handstand since the beginning of 2013.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.35.48 PM

We remodeled the kitchen! That’s been on my list since 2010.  Still have a few small things to finish, but for the most part – it’s done! 2014 – the year of the kitchen. Ahhh. That feels good to say.


The biggest thing I let go of in 2014 was cakes. I’ve identified with being a “sugar artist” for the last 5 years, but with the addition of the all the classes I teach, I just couldn’t do it anymore. Sad day, but it took a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I’m a much more sane person now that I don’t have cake on my plate too.


And, that’s a wrap! I feel pretty great about my annual review.

Now, for 2015. I hate saying my goals out loud or putting them on paper. Every article you read about goal setting will tell you, “Tell your friends! You’ll be more likely to keep them if you have to stay accountable.” I think that’s nonsense. I feel like I’m a pretty motivated individual without the risk of embarrassment if something doesn’t go the way I planned. It’s silly, I know. I guess I’ll take the risk and share my plans with you for 2015:

  1. Be a better friend. As of late, I’m not a very good friend. It’s true. 2014 was “make time for yourself”, 2015 will be “make time for your friends.”
  2. Re-work the blog. I feel at this point my modest little blog has gained enough traffic to justify spending money to have someone customize it. Look for the blog to get a makeover in 2015!
  3. Take a big trip! The Carnivore and I have been saving our pennies to go to Italy for some time now. We talk about it constantly, but can’t seem to find the time. This year, we will make the time.
  4. Do a pull-up. Yep. It’s back.

What are your plans for 2015?

Cheers to 2014! Ciao’ 2015!




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