Can we still be friends?

I feel like I should apologize for my lack of blog time recently. May I explain myself? Please? If you don’t care to hear my excuses just skip to the next paragraph.

Well 2 weeks ago I spilled water on my computer. Remember? My computer was out of commission for a week. Then I went to yoga teacher training. That was a whirlwind of several days that left no time for the computer. Then this last week… I posted on Monday, my internet went out on Tuesday. I haven’t had internet for the last 5 days. I think someone is telling me to slow down. Anyway, thats my excuse. I’m sorry. Can we still be friends?

I wish I had a recipe or yoga class or workout or home project to tell you about, but I don’t. So let’s talk about the last 3 weeks, shall we? This is going to be super random. Get ready.

My dad got an M35 cargo truck. Don’t ask me why. He’s funny like that. It’s completely street legal so we had a great time driving this around town over Thanksgiving.


Then I went to teacher training, but you already know that…

IMG_6068I’ve been doing LOTS of yoga homework! Lots of reading, lots of script writing, lots of teaching. When I came across this picture of BKS Iyengar in Light on Yoga, it summed up my feelings perfectly.


I have finished all of my Christmas shopping. Now the real struggle… waiting until Christmas to give out presents!


Nothing makes me happier than a simple package. And gold foil, which is not simple at all…


I made my first Christmas goodie! Puppy chow. I took it to the Yoga at Tiffany’s Christmas Party. It’s gluten free, so it’s totally healthy.


Without U-Verse or Internet, I’ve watched Love Actually more times than I can count. My favorite Christmas flick!


I taught my first yoga class at Climb Up this last week. It is an incredible place. If you’re still Christmas shopping, a Climb Up gift card makes an excellent gift/stocking stuffer!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 6.26.55 PM

Adding new classes to my schedule the week after teacher training was not my best idea. I’ve been a zombie all week long. SO. TIRED.

The Carnivore decided he needed a saw to finish the trim in the kitchen. Great idea! We went to Lowe’s to get him a small saw that would fit comfortably in the garage. This is what we came home with… Our garage reeks of testosterone.


I have now ordered all my kitchen light fixtures, but we’ve only replaced one. I’m so pleased with it. Simple, a little industrial, and gives out a lot of light. Perfect!


My husband was working all weekend long, so I started a new kitchen project. Shelves! One day he’ll learn to not leave me home alone…


And finally, it’s December 14 and there are tornadoes in Oklahoma. What?!? Way to keep it interesting, Oklahoma.

IMG_6161Whew! Caught up. I’ll be back with regularly scheduled posts this week. Promise.

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