I’m a day (or two) late with this post, but it’s something I definitely wanted to share. I’ve had a little hiccup with my computer recently which makes blogging not so easy. …And by hiccup I mean I spilled a 24oz. glass of water on it. Water and electronics don’t mix. I’m a klutz, give me a sippie cup.

I taught a yoga class Wednesday evening, the day before Thanksgiving, and focused my entire class on gratitude. I was feeling extra grateful that day for the “light” use of my hands. First down-dog in a month – it was glorious!


I was inspired by a blog I read that discussed different phases of gratitude. I took my class through a series of postures, and as the series progressed the postures got more and more difficult to hold. Likewise, the things I talked about became more and more difficult to find gratitude in.

We started by being grateful for the things that come easy: our friends, our family, talents, strengths, things that have worked out in our favor, and yoga poses that come easy. I asked them to think about these things while we worked through a few postures.

The ones I hold dearest…

CassieChase Family1

198449_1645974836132_1149658_n4981_1178262059563_2293190_nFamily2Then, I asked them to think about “almosts” in their lives. A project at work or an assignment at school that didn’t work out perfectly, a job change or promotion they almost got, an ‘A’ they barely missed in a class, or a yoga pose they sometimes get, sometimes they don’t. We discussed being thankful for the process. What happens if you get that promotion or a certain yoga pose? Is that it? No way! You’ll always be reaching for the next step, the next pose, there’s never an end goal. We’ll never master life or yoga, so we worked on finding gratitude/contentment in the transitions, the ups and downs, and being grateful for the place we’re in right now.

Some days I can hold a handstand, some days I can't.

Some days I can hold a handstand, some days I can’t.

A business we though we were going to be a part of for a long time. It didn't work like we thought, but we are so grateful for the experience and the people we met.

A business we thought we were going to be a part of for a long time. New opportunities came along, but we are so grateful for the experience and the people we met.

Finally, while I had them sit in the splits for a minute on each side (Yikes!), we discussed trying to be grateful for the difficulties in our lives – being at odds with a family member, going through a break-up/divorce, a friend or family member with a serious illness. Difficulties exist in everyone’s lives, but how we choose to view them will determine our ability to find gratitude in the situation. We can view them as lessons learned, or let them completely control our lives and happiness. Lesson learned – never drink water near your computer, unless it’s in a sippie cup.


“It is gratitude that allows us to forgive whatever this difficulty is, and it is this forgiveness that allows us to let it go.” When we are able to be grateful for the lessons learned, we understand the role of certain circumstances/people in our lives.

Finding gratitude in Hanumanasana (splits) isn’t easy, but it teaches me patience, to breathe. If you ever want time to slooooooow down, do the splits. You’ll think your watch broke.

This Thanksgiving I’m extra grateful for my health and MY HANDS!


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One thought on “Gratitude

  1. Great post, Cassie. Makes a girl go “hmmm”. 🙂 So glad you get to use your hands a little. Funny how we take such things for granted.

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