Weekend in Arkansas + Natural Grocers Giveaway Winner

My husband spent the weekend in the woods, so I spent the weekend in Arkansas with my sister. I totally got the warmer end of this deal…

My sister moved to Arkansas for her job this past summer. She is a project engineer for Flintco Construction, and is working on building a new casino for the Cherokee Nation.

I had yet to check out her new digs, so when Chase planned his weekend – I did too! I stopped by her job site on my way to her house. She and Charlie were more than willing to show me around. Fun/interesting/strange fact: Whitney takes her dog to work with her everyday. Pup’s gotta earn his keep! No free rides here, Charlie.

IMG_5785She lives right on the Arkansas River and has a ferris wheel and carousel pretty much in her front yard. It’s a really cool place.

IMG_5789Being the good big sister I am, I had to make sure my little sister is taking care of herself. I started in her refrigerator and pantry… it was a sad, sad sight. Whitney lives off peanut butter, sweet potatoes, and avocados. I’ve actually watched her eat an avocado with a spoon for dinner.

So the rest of the weekend went down like this…

Go to the grocery store to get food and toilet paper (the girl had 3 squares when I got there.)

Watch movies.


Make a Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad.


Get manicures.

Make White Chicken Chili.


Do yoga.

Alright, be honest - which cow face pose is the best?

Alright, be honest – which cow face is the best?

Make Egg White & Oat Protein Pancakes.


I left her with a refrigerator full of meals and a bathroom full of toilet paper. She’s ready for the week!

DSC_9588Now for the real reason you’re reading the post…

After reading through all of the comments I’ve received, you all are just as crazy about grocery shopping as I am! 3 stores a week seems to be the norm. Some of you even hit 4-5! If you haven’t checked out Natural Grocers, do it! You won’t be disappointed. If you regularly shop there, take advantage of some of their free nutritional services.

Here we go!

Drum roll please…..and the winner is….

Jillian!! She’s a multi-store shopper as well.

I shop at multiple stores during the week! It takes a lot of food to feed 12 kids and a husband 🙂

Jillian – I will get your goods in the mail to you tomorrow.

 Thank you to everyone that participated! Hopefully we’ll start to do these more often. This was fun!

Have a great Monday!

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