Weekends never go quite as planned…

The Carnivore and I FINALLY had a weekend at home. First time in 5 weeks! We had grand plans to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, work on some unfinished house projects, and watch movies until we couldn’t see straight. It kinda went like that…

I taught a Halloween yoga class on Friday before trick-or-treating madness ensued. I put together a Halloween themed playlist, and put on the only orange I own.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 12.59.39 PM

IMG_5551Chase ran off to a work dinner, and I was left to deal with the tiny monsters on my own. I remembered at the 11th hour that I had never purchased Halloween candy. Epic. Fail.

With about an hour to spare, I had a stroke of genius. The Carnivore bought SAM’s sized boxes of cookies and Little Debbie’s before his elk hunt, unfortunately fortunately he came home with most of them. Those trick-or-treaters were so excited to get his leftovers, and I was so excited to get them out of my house! The Carnivore, on the other hand, was sad I gave away his Nilla wafers.


Saturday was scheduled to be Paint the Kitchen day. We’ve been trying to finish this project for 3 weeks now, but something always comes up. We had decided this was going to be THE WEEKEND. Nothing was going to stand in our way. That was until a trip to Urgent Care and a split forehead happened Saturday morning.


Looking back, I’m 99% sure The Carnivore was trying to get out of painting the kitchen. He’s fine. I think his pride is hurt more than his head. The split was small enough they just glued him back together. No stitches for this guy!

Once I realized he didn’t have a concussion, the swelling had gone down, and he felt okay, we painted the kitchen. He really gave his best effort to get out of it.

IMG_5581It’s perfect. Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. Gray’s have a tendency to look blue, purple, or green once you get them on the wall; so I try to always choose gray’s from the brown family. This one turned out perfect for my space…these pictures don’t do it justice.


Work in progress…

On Sunday, the CSA I’m a part of hosted a potluck dinner at their farm. It’s so fun to go see where all of our goods come from. The theme on Sunday was Fall Harvest Table. OH. MY. GOODNESS, it was slap yo mama good.. Cabbage noodles, lots of roasted root vegetables, quiche, German sausage, and apple/cranberry crisp. I think I filled my plate 3 times. I brought a fall inspired quinoa salad – quinoa, butternut squash, kale, cranberries, toasted pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, and a maple balsamic vinaigrette. It turned out delicious! I’ll share the recipe soon.

Recipe coming soon!

Recipe coming soon!

Well friends, it’s Homeland time and The Carnivore needs ice for his head. Until next time…

Hope your weekend didn’t include an Urgent Care visit!

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