Until Next Time.

October 30, 2014. Sad day for the Bridgforths. Our very first friends in Norman are moving away. They’re just going to Tulsa, so not too far, but for the last 4 years we’ve lived within less than a quarter mile of one another. Not exaggerating. It takes me two minutes to walk to their house.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.08.40 AM

Ashley was our very first hire at Fitness One. She was our group fitness coordinator/right hand and managed all of the personal trainers. How we got so lucky, I’ll never know. Ashley and Joey were definitely placed in our lives for a reason.


Joey, Me, Caitlyn, and Ashley

We’ve cleaned locker-rooms more times than I can count, solved the world’s problems while folding mounds of sweat towels, and somehow became great friends while refilling a never ending sea of disinfectant bottles.


She has been my fitness inspiration and motivation. Without her, I wouldn’t be nearly as active as I am now. She’s also the reason I have a Lululemon addiction…

They told us they were having their first baby while sitting in our backyard, feet in the pool. We experienced nearly everyday of that pregnancy; all of the ups, and all of the downs.

Finn's baby shower.

Finn’s baby shower.

Multiple evenings were spent at OU Children’s Hospital waiting for Finn to be released from the NICU.


I was fortunate enough to Nanny for that sweet boy when he was just 2-3 months old. Goodness, he’s special to us.


IMG_1442 IMG_4272

For the last two years, the roles reversed. I’ve been working for Ashley at Next Level Fitness Studio. Most recently Baby #2, Paisley, made her way into the world.

Paisley's baby shower.

Paisley’s baby shower.

Prettiest little thing you’ll ever see.


Until Tuesday, I have been genuinely excited for their new opportunities and adventures. I thought “They’re just going to Tulsa, you go to Tulsa at least once a month.” No big deal. That was, until Tuesday.

I attended Ashley’s last kickboxing class Tuesday evening, and at the end she went around the circle and said a little bit about each person. Then she got to me… as soon as she started talking, I lost it. I’m a mess just writing this.


October 30, 2014. Ashley’s last day at Next Level Fitness Studio. We had a small come and go reception throughout most of the day. It’s amazing how many people the Armstrongs have impacted in their 4 years in Norman. Ashley through fitness, and Joey through their church and ministry.

DSC_9467 DSC_9470

Tulsa friends! Go see Ashley at Sky Fitness at their South location, 10121 S. Sheridan. She starts November 10. She’ll get you into shape, and then impact you in ways you weren’t expecting.

Until next time, Armstrongs. You’re loved.

The Bridgforths



One thought on “Until Next Time.

  1. Wow, Cass. What a kind reflection of our many days together. So many hysterical laughs and so many tears. And of course lots of sweat. I love you so much and think the world of you and Chase. You are just one of the coolest human beings on earth. I’m so blessed to be your friend. Thank you.

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