A Really Bad Disney Movie

I mentioned in one of my last posts, my husband just recently returned from an 8 day hunting trip. I’m never really scared to stay home alone, but I’m much more cautious than usual. This trip especially had me on edge with all of the craziness happening in the news lately – the Arkansas realtor, the incident in Moore, Ebola – I’m not sure what the last one has to do anything…

I don’t sleep well, I make sure to lock the door when I go run, I triple check all the doors before I go to bed, and keep a lamp on at all times. I’m so glad he’s back, maybe now I can get some sleep!

A few things I realized while he was gone that made me very thankful for him:

  1. Trash Cans. If you had asked me last week, I don’t think I could’ve told you what day the city picks them up. It’s Monday – in case you’re wondering. Thankfully our sweet neighbor reminded me I needed to put them out.
  2. Making the Bed. How in the world did I put on a fitted sheet before marriage?! That is NOT a one person job.
  3. Animal Control. I’ve never been one to be scared of snakes or spiders. I’m not going to cuddle them, but I’m not going to scream in fear either. Frogs and weenie dogs, on the other hand, will have me running for the hills.

I’ve been bitten by weenie dogs more than once, I think that explains that one. If I spot one on my run, I will cross the street to get on a different sidewalk. Frogs, I got nothing. They are just gross. Yuk! They make my skin crawl. If there is one on my front porch, I will walk around the house to the back door to avoid it. (Shiver)

Well, I think every creature in the area knew Chase was gone. They came running to my house like a bad Disney movie.

54_NeigeDay 1 – I was cleaning out some limbs from a flower bed, and in slow motion – seriously, I watched the whole thing happen. A frog. No, not a frog. It was definitely a toad. The big, lumpy, super squishy, can jump 20 feet in one bound, kind of toad leaps out of the bush, on to my leg. And he didn’t come by himself. He brought a stream of water with him that ran down my leg as he bounced off of me into the pool. Come to find out, it’s not water. Frogs pee when they get startled. Cool. Freaking out, covered in frog pee. Never thought I’d see the day. I left the rest of the job for Chase when he got home. Cassie, out. (Mic drop.)

Even the animated one makes me uncomfortable. I still haven't been able to watch the Princess and The Frog, because…it's about a frog.

Even the animated one makes me uncomfortable. I still haven’t been able to watch the Princess and The Frog, because…it’s about a frog.

Nearly every other day – Every weenie dog in a 12 mile radius found my house. They knew I was alone and came in droves.

Day 8 – On Day 7 I found evidence that a mouse made his way into our house. I’m 93.45782% sure this is due to our remodeling project and the fact that we had to leave doors open for hours at a time. Either way, I’m almost embarrassed to talk about this one for a couple of reasons.

  1. Mice are gross.
  2. They’re really gross when they’re in your house.

However, I’m going to put my pride aside because I feel like this is another perfect example of the unruly animals I’ve been dealing with. Fast forward to day 8…

I’m eating lunch in the living room, sitting on the floor, with my plate on the coffee table. I had just finished eating when I put my left hand down on the floor, leaning to the side as I finished the 12 o’clock news. All of a sudden I see a dark spot dart from under the TV stand toward the coffee table (where I’m on the ground). He runs across my hand, and disappears under the couch. I have not figured out how these things keep mastering the slow-mo effect, but they do. I could tell you the color of his fingernails. I immediately jumped on top of the coffee table, did a little jig, and called Chase. Because surely he can fix this situation 10 hours away. Makes sense.

These guys aren't too bad, until they RUN ACROSS YOUR HAND!

These guys aren’t too bad, until they RUN ACROSS YOUR HAND!

Growing up, I always wanted to be a Disney princess. NO. WAY. I’m not cut out for this kind of attention.

I’m hoping now that Chase is home, he’ll bring some order to this madness.

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