Faucet Misery

When we decided to update the kitchen we budgeted for big items like flooring, countertops, backsplash, lighting, appliances, etc. The things I forgot about were the smaller things like cabinet hardware, garbage disposal, sink, and faucet. And OH. MY. GOSH. these things are expensive!


The thought of paying $300+ to turn my water on and off physically hurts. I’ve been pretty decisive throughout this whole remodel project, but I’m pretty sure trying to find a faucet has taken a year off of my life.

Why is this so difficult?! I was under the impression I would waltz right in to a store, pick out my faucet and take it home. No, not so. Learn from my misery and buy your faucet a week before you need it.


My countertops are being installed today. (YAY!!!) They told me I would need my faucet when the installation took place so they could cut a hole for it. Well, of course, I waited until yesterday to try to purchase one. No one had stock of the 2 faucets I decided I liked. Short of driving to Tulsa, I drove to every option in the Metro – no luck.

I ended up ordering the one I really wanted, but it won’t be here until Thursday. Womp Womp. I’m patiently waiting for the granite guys to show up and scold me for procrastinating.

In other news… See ya never, laminate!


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