Dallas Mania Day 2

This picture perfectly sums up the morning of Day 2. Getting the juices flowing for the first class was rough, but once I got going I felt great!IMG_4610

Day 2 Schedule

  1. Tabata Bootcamp
  2. Kettlebell AMPD
  3. Nutrition Talk
  4. Schwinn Cycling – On Display!
  5. Body Shred with Jillian Michaels

Saturday Highlights:

Let’s get down to it. The Schwinn spin class I took on Saturday was the hardest spin class of my life. I’ve never actually thought of walking out of a class… until this one. The class was called On Display!, all of the bikes were hooked up to a computer system that projected our stats on huge screens at the front of the room. Couple of things you should know about me: 1. I’m the least competitive person you will ever meet. 2. I’m a tender soul, I aim to please, and I get my feelings hurt easily. I’m working on #2. I can live with #1.

Jeffrey Scott & Julz Arney - 2 of Schwinn's Master Instructors. Great Instructors!

Jeffrey Scott & Julz Arney – 2 of Schwinn’s Master Instructors. Great Instructors!

I’m 99% sure I was on faulty bike. If you don’t do spin classes, let me just tell you 200-300 is a very feasible wattage to achieve when you are working hard. My bike never got over 60 watts, the 30’s was average. And EVERYONE got to see it… cool.  The girl next to me was like “C’mon you can do it!” as I’m sweating buckets, my quads are on fire – and I’m pulling 40 watts. Embarrassing! I’m still scarred from it.

Next stop – Jillian!

Made it to our seats

Made it to our seats.


Jillian was so much cooler in person than what we see on T.V. She was motivating, inspirational, and very passionate about what she does. She discussed her career journey to where she is today. My favorite was when she said throughout her career there were many people more qualified or more experienced than she was but she always asked herself “Why not me?” She kept applying and kept working for what she wanted and look at her today!

Then it was time to sweat with her.


Ashley and I about to get shredded! Jillian’s totally photo-bombing our picture. Rude.

Body Shred by Jillian Michaels. A grueling, affective 30 minutes. I loved taking class with her! I totally got shredded.



I felt so defeated after my first spin class. So Saturday afternoon I changed my schedule around for the next day and went to another early morning spin class Sunday. I was not going to let that class get me down.

This class was MUCH better. My bike worked! The class was HARD, but it was one of my favorites of the weekend. I learned so much in that class and the instructor was awesome. Such a great coach!

Rachel Buschert Vaziralli - Schwinn Master Instructor. Photo from her website.

Rachel Buschert Vaziralli – Schwinn Master Instructor. Photo from her website.

I felt re-deemed and I could leave Dallas with my head held high.

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