Workout in a Pinch!

You know those days when everything takes 2 hours longer than it should? Well that was my Tuesday. My morning appointment lasted until lunch, my afternoon appointment lasted until 4, which means I worked a grand total of an hour and a half. Employee of the year right here!

I worked through the 5:30 p.m. kickboxing class I usually attend on Tuesday nights to try to get SOME work done. Apparently opening my email doesn’t count as actual work. I arrived home cranky, hungry, and feeling just a pang of guilt for not having worked out that day. Instead of immediately sinking into the couch, I told myself  “Sweat for 20 minutes and then you can binge watch Orange is the New Black until you can’t see straight.” Worked for me!

I put myself through a quick body-weight based, tabata style circuit. It was quick, sweaty, and just what I needed.  Here’s what I did…

Tabata Workout - thefarmersdaughterok.comTo do the circuit, you do each set of exercises for 4 minutes and then move on to the next. You go as hard and as fast as you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Complete this cycle 8 times for each set. I did exercise A x2, exercise B x2, and repeat once more – that will total 4 minutes. It’s only 20 seconds of work, so push yourself!


Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 4.23.14 PM

Example: Squat (20sec.)/ Rest (10sec.); Squat (20sec.)/ Rest (10sec.); Jumping Lunges (20sec.)/ Rest (10sec.); Jumping Lunges (20sec.)/ Rest (10sec.); Squat (20sec.)/ Rest (10sec.); Squat (20sec.)/ Rest (10sec.); Jumping Lunges (20sec.)/ Rest (10sec.); Jumping Lunges (20sec.)/ Rest (10sec.); Move on to the next pair.

photo 1-2

I feel like I should note – I only watched 2 episodes of OITNB. I’m not a complete glutton.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I’m off to Dallas Mania – taking a class from Jillian Michaels. Say a prayer…

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