Weekend at Home.

We packed up and drove the 3 hours to Chelsea, OK, this last weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday. Spending the weekend at home had been on my calendar for weeks, but it worked out even more perfectly than planned. We ended up having a birthday party for 2 of my cousins on my mom’s side (Happy birthday Sydney & London!) and then rounded it out with a long weekend celebrating Pops. It was perfect.

Before leaving on Saturday, I finished a shower cake for a Baby Boy and ran the fastest 3 miles I have in a long time! I haven’t really ran much the last 2 months, so I surprised myself when RunKeeper told me I ran 8:33 min/miles. I was so excited!

Snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails.

Snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails.

Saturday night was a party at the Nyman’s celebrating Sydney and London. The highlight of my evening was watching Grandpa hang out in their new (old) wooden swing. He’s the cutest, and the silliest, and gives a pretty mean wet willy.

GrandpaAfter dinner #1 we headed to dinner #2 at Molly’s Landing to begin Dad’s birthday extravaganza. Steak, seafood, drinks, and good company. My grandma was in rare form, unloading jokes left and right. You should ask her about round hay bales being outlawed in Oklahoma. She’ll tell you all about it! Even Charlie got in on the birthday festivities…

Charlie DogSunday was the annual Will Rogers and Wiley Post Fly-In at the Will Rogers’ Birthplace Ranch. Among many, many things, Rogers was an advocate for the aviation industry and this Fly-In was established to honor him and what he did for aviation. The Ranch is located right on Oologah Lake. Fun Fact – the house was actually in the basin that became the lake and they moved the entire house when they created the lake.

Will Roger's Ranch

My dad is a helicopter pilot and since this event is close to home, we decided to check it out. Flying over the lake was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous day.

IMG_4429Chase riding shotgunThere were over one hundred planes/helicopters that came to honor Will Rogers. It was such a neat event – planes, food, live music, donkeys (they were LOUD!), goats, and classic cars. An eclectic mix for an eclectic guy.

IMG_4442IMG_4445IMG_4454This was the perfect way to celebrate my dad on his 49th birthday. (Don’t worry dad, I won’t tell them you’re actually 54.)

The Birthday Boy… and Charlie.

The Birthday Boy… and Charlie.

My sweet sissy

Sister and I got booted to the backseat.

Posing with dad

Posing with Pops!

All in all, a pretty perfect weekend.


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