Weekend Warriors

The Carnivore and I bought a foreclosed house back in 2010. The house was built in the 80’s and hadn’t been updated since the 80’s. We’re SLOOOOWLY making improvements, trying to update it to this decade. Heck, I will take last decade.

This weekend: Project Tile the Kitchen.

DSC_9481I have a really sneaky way of getting Chase pulled in to projects. He didn’t want to paint the living room for months, so while he was at work I put paint swatches all over the walls – we had to do something about it then, right? Or the time I took down all the kitchen cabinet doors and started sanding the cabinet frames while he was out of town…

He gets irritated for about 4.3828 minutes, and then I hand him a warm, straight out-of-the-oven baked good and all is right in the world. 😉

Well this weekend, the Carnivore surprised ME!

On Friday, I cleared everything off the kitchen floor – table & chairs, baker’s rack, trash cans, etc. I went to a yoga class at 4:15 p.m., thinking I would still beat Chase home and I could remove the baseboards. When I got home not only had HE removed the baseboards, but he had also began ripping up the linoleum. WHAT?! You think you know someone…


Check out that linoleum. Free to a good home.

When he removed the flooring, it left a papery under-layer. This was the rest of our Friday evening…

Scraping, scraping, and more scraping...

Scraping, scraping, and more scraping…

I have never been more thankful for a small kitchen than I was during this project. Exhausting!

Saturday morning, after Advil and coffee, we cleaned the concrete and laid our first tile – 48″ x 8″ “wood” tiles.

Momentous occasion.

Momentous occasion.

Chase cut. I laid. When divvying up responsibilities, we I decided that spreading thin-set was just like icing a cake, and let’s face it, between the two of us I’ll win that competition every time. Eating cake? Different story.

Allowing him to use the eating table for a work table, gives me a great case for buying a new one.

Allowing him to use the eating table for a work table gives me a great case for buying a new one.

Crazy hair = working REALLY hard.

Crazy hair = working REALLY hard.

Chase’s cousin, Heath, was on speed-dial. Poor guy probably talked to us 23 times this weekend when we had problems/questions. I’m halfway expecting an invoice to show up in my mailbox any day now.

Saturday is date night. We like to make time to spend at least 1 night a week with just each other.

I got all dressed up…

My newest accessory. They'll catch on soon - just wait!

My newest accessory. They’ll catch on soon.

Dinner was eaten with arms (insert any body part here) covered in thin-set,

DSC_9480but the views were incredible.

DSC_9484We continued to work throughout the day on Sunday – laying the last tile around 9 p.m.

It feels SO GOOD to get that linoleum out of our kitchen.

Now on to grout…

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Warriors

  1. We’re getting ready to redo living room and dining room floors. We’re tired of carpet and have been trying to decide whether to go more tile or wood laminate. I think the latter is a groutless choice – which wins points! I love that you and your husband have these joint projects. But we gotta talk about your idea of “date night”!! It was a pleasure to meet you, Cassie – looking forward to the next blogger meet-up

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