The Pump.


I’ve been saying for weeks I need to add some heavier weight into my workout regimen. Most everything I do is body weight based or light weights in Barre. Well I have officially done it and it officially hurts.

I decided this for 3 reasons: 1.) I think it’s important that women are strong. I want to be able to open whatever pickle jar life throws at me. 2.) I feel really tough lifting heavy. 3.) I get to say things like “I’m going to go throw some weight around.” – this has been my favorite one so far. Chase rolls his eyes every time.

I’ve been adding in more weights to my routine for a couple weeks now, but yesterday was killer. I did a 3 mile run earlier that day for some cardio, and then weights that evening. Here’s what I did:

Early morning 3 mile run. 

thefarmersdaughterok.comI get bored running at the same pace for a solid x number of miles, so I love to add intervals to my workouts. I took the first 1.5 miles nice and easy. I walked a few minutes just to get the blood flowing and then took it to a light, steady jog until I reached the 1.5 mark. After that – INTERVALS. I did 16 rounds of an all out sprint for 20 seconds, recover for 10 seconds – totaling 8 minutes. Now if you’re new to intervals, increase the rest time. Maybe run 20 sec., 20 sec. rest; or run 20 sec., 30 sec. rest.  Based on your fitness level find something that challenges YOU! ..and then jog, walk, or crawl home the remainder of the distance. Those intervals will get your heart rate up FAST.

On days when I don’t have much time, I like to run just the interval portion. Done in 8 minutes. Sounds easy, right?! 😉

That evening I taught Hot Yoga and Barre, so I had approximately 32.184673 minutes to finish a weight circuit inbetween classes. I wanted to focus on back and biceps so here’s what I put myself through:

I didn’t have much time, so I rested just long enough to knock out the next 10 reps. I had 5 girls ready and eager to get Barre started, so I made my way through this as quickly as possible. I was able to finish in 30 minutes, but it was a tough 30 minutes. I also added the supersets to cut back on time. I went heavy enough on my weights that performing 10 reps was a struggle. There were a couple of exercises where I was only able to squeeze out 8 reps.

My arms and back have been getting tighter and tighter all day… and then Caitlyn proceeded to murder them in Spin/TRX class tonight.

I know it sounds like I’m complaining, but I secretly love the complete exhaustion my muscles feel after weight training.

How do you feel about weights? Love ’em, hate ’em? Use ’em as a doorstop?

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2 thoughts on “The Pump.

  1. I love’em. I love lifting heavy. It makes me feel awesome. It’s one thing I don’t like about marathon training is I don’t get to lift much and when I do I don’t have the energy to go heavy 😦 I’d rather lift than run any day! 🙂

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