My Airport Essentials

I will be spending 8-9 hours today in airports or on flights. Traveling always makes me feel kinda blah, and the long periods of sitting combined with airport food doesn’t make it any better. In anticipation for the long day ahead, I got my yoga in early and took a noon spin class just to get the blood flowing. I’ve become a pro at traveling and keeping myself feeling good even through vacation indulgences.

Here’s my list of “must haves” at the airport:

To get me through a day of travel.

To get me through a day of travel.

  1. Backpack – To carry all the essentials, of course. I picked up this one from Plenty Mercantile in OKC. It’s the perfect size, not too heavy, and helps a child in need. Does it get any better?! Check out their site, and read about their mission.

    Eben Pak in Black.

    Eben Pak in Black.

  2. Water bottle – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  When flying it’s extra important. The lack of humidity in the pressurized cabin not only dehydrates you, but it dries out your mucous membranes making it harder for your system to flush out germs. I like to take an empty bottle through security, and then fill it up inside the airport or on the flight.
  3. Good book – To pass the time. I’ve got some yoga reading to do for my teaching certification, so I figure this is the perfect time to catch up.
  4. Snacks – If I don’t feel well, this traveling day is going to be no fun at all. I like to have food/snacks I would normally eat on hand so I don’t have to rely on airport fare. Today I’ve got an Almond butter/banana wrap – doesn’t have to be refrigerated and can take some abuse; Baby carrots/red bell pepper – fresh, easy to pack, and produce contains lots of water to keep me hydrated; Quest Bar – the chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite, something sweet and filling; an Apple – Pink Lady specifically, they’re the best. Apples are my favorite traveling fruit, just as good room temperature as they are cold and can take a little abuse in my bag.
  5. Headphones – Bose earbuds are my favorite all around headphone. They’re light, portable, and the sound is incredible.
  6. Jacket – Always important. Plane’s are freezing (read: FUH-REEEEZING)! I love this Downtown Field Jacket from JCrew. I layer it over everything. It’s currently on sale! 50% off! My friend Valerie at Adorn Yourself Accordingly introduced me to this gem.

JCrew JacketSo the 8-9 hours traveling? Not fun. Spending all weekend with my girlfriends? Totally fun.  While The Carnivore holds down the fort, the girls and I are going to spend all weekend in PORTLAND! I can’t wait to give my friends a great big hug tonight.

My friend, Erin, sent me this article this morning listing Portland as the “Hottest New Girlfriend Getaway Destination.”

hello portland

Comin’ atcha Portland!

Watch out, Portland! We’re comin’ in hot.

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