Happy Birthday ‘Merica!

To celebrate, The Carnivore and I are headed to Grand Lake! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Growing up, nearly every summer weekend was spent at Grand. Some of my favorite memories are at that lake. Every 4th of July since Chase and I started dating (9 years ago!), I’ve been telling him he MUST see the fireworks at Duck Creek. Well, 9 years later he’s going to see them!

Photo from Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Photo from Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce.

I know there is going to be an abundance of food at the lake house, but I wanted to contribute SOMETHING. I’m running low on time this week, so something simple and festive was just the ticket. I decided to throw to together festive fruit skewers and fruit dip.

4th of July inspired fruit skewers!

4th of July inspired fruit skewers!

Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and watermelon – see where I’m going here? I washed and rinsed all my berries, and then it was to the festive part…

First cut off the stem of your watermelon.

Cut off the watermelon stem.

Then stand your watermelon up on it’s end, and cut a small piece off the side. Just enough so your watermelon won’t roll around.

Taking a little off the bottom.

Then turn your watermelon back on it’s side, and begin to cut roughly 1″ rings.

Cut your watermelon into rings.

Lay your rings down, grab a star cookie-cutter, and get to cuttin’!

Watermelon StarsI can hear my grandma saying “You need to get those stars closer together Cassie, you’re leaving a lot of extra!” I heard variations of that phrase every Christmas when making our Christmas cookies. Don’t worry Grandma, I want extra! I’ll show you guys what I do with all the leftovers soon.

Once your stars are cut out, begin assembling your skewers.

Ok, I have a confession to make. Remember the short on time part I mentioned? Well I made about 3 skewers, decided I did not have enough to time to finish, ate those 3 skewers, and then made a fruit tray. Whew… glad I got that off my chest. I feel better. I had good intentions, I promise.

Star-spangled fruit tray.

Star-spangled fruit tray.

It’s just as delicious.

Star-spangled fruit tray.

The Carnivore says this tray ALMOST makes him want to eat fruit. Almost… #winning.

To make the fruit dip, I used equal parts vanilla greek yogurt and cool whip. Did I mention I didn’t have much time? I used 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt, 1 cup cool whip, and whisked until combined.

I’ll be sure to recap The Carnivore’s 1st Duck Creek fireworks experience.

I hope your holiday is delicious!

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