Group Fitness Junkie

Chase and I moved (back) to Norman in 2010. We came back to open a gym with a couple of partners on the NW side of Norman. We part-owned and operated Fitness One for about 2 years before we left and found our oil and gas jobs.

Where it all began...

Where it all began…

While there, I was introduced to so many aspects of fitness and met some really awesome people and instructors. Like these matching girls…

I hate to admit this – but I actually work out A LOT more now than I did when we had the gym. It was nearly impossible to work out for an hour, there was always something that needed your attention.

After leaving Fitness One, it was amazing how much I missed the fitness environment. I worked out at home, went running, but it was not the same. Ashley, our group fitness coordinator at Fitness One, left around the same time we did to be the head personal trainer and group fitness coordinator at Next Level Fitness Studio in Moore. (She’s on the left in the picture on the right.) As soon as it opened its doors, I was there to take a class. I have been hooked ever since.

Friday morning spin class at Next Level Fitness Studio.

Friday morning spin class at Next Level Fitness Studio.

I’ve been fairly active my whole life, but it became more and more difficult to stay active after college. I would go through periods where I would work out really hard for 3 months, and then not work out for 6. Since becoming a group fitness class regular, my workout regimen has not taken a hiatus in 2.5 years. I cannot tell you how much I love the classes, the camaraderie, and the friendships that come from group fitness. Chase and I joke that my only friends here are fitness friends, and it’s SO TRUE.

We celebrate each other…

We celebrate together.

Kelly, Kristen, and Amber helping me celebrate my birthday!

We run together…

We do run together.

Joey, Caitlyn, and Ashley at the Brookhaven Run.

We support each other…

Yoga at Tiffany's supporting Clare at the Norman Music Festival.

Yoga at Tiffany’s supporting Clare at the Norman Music Festival.

Active friends are (as far as I’m concerned) the best friends to have! They keep me moving instead of binge watching The Pioneer Woman on the couch. It’s to the point I feel bad if I sleep through a 6 a.m. spin class that all my friends are at. If I’m late for a class, I usually get a phone call. I get texts making sure I’m going to be at certain classes. The accountability is like none other!

World Cup Spin Class!

If you’re trying to start an exercise routine, sign up for a class! Go to Barre, Zumba, Spin, TRX, Yoga, anything! Especially when you’re starting, it takes all the thinking out of working out. You don’t have to figure out what machines to use, how many reps to do, what weight to use – the instructor does all that for you.

Come take a class with me!


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