It’s a nice day for a Brown wedding.

After the sun salutations and morning yoga class, the hubs and I packed up the car and headed north to Owasso. My little cousin Katy was getting married!

Katy at my wedding.

Throwback – Katy and I at my wedding.

We loaded the car with clothes, cake supplies, and most importantly, the wedding cake. Because the wedding was a few hours drive from Norman, I took the cake completely unstacked to the reception hall. Four individual cake boxes and a HUGE box filled with all the supplies I would need to finish the cake filled the back of my car.

We arrived at the church around 2:30 p.m. and immediately got busy! I love having The Carnivore’s help when stacking a large cake. He’s pretty great at making sure each tier is level before moving on to the next. Only downside – his thumbs make some pretty large indention’s in buttercream. Nothing that can’t be fixed though… 😉



By the time the cake was stacked and finished it was closing in on 4:30 p.m. and the wedding started at 5! It was a sprint to finish my hair, make-up, and change clothes.

Wedding Ready -Let's do this.

Wedding ready with sister. #brownwedding

The sanctuary was beautiful. Katy’s now husband, Greg, built this arbor and transported it log by log to the church. Isn’t it amazing?! I overheard a few people trying to figure out the best way to take it home with them without Greg knowing. 😉 It was really neat.

Rustic Arbor

Rustic Arbor

Oh! And to really take things over the edge – when Katy was walking down the aisle I kept trying to figure out what song was playing. None of us recognized it. Come to find out it was a song Greg wrote for her and SANG! Chase – take note.

Katy walking down the aisle.

Katy walking down the aisle.

Katy’s wedding was a rustic chic sort of theme – burlap runners, tree trunk ring centerpieces, and a BBQ feast!

Katy's Candy Bar

Katy’s Candy Bar

My Aunt Tammy will want me to point out that Katy’s candy bar is on her flower cart (she’s really proud of this thing).  You should also ask her about her lime tree…

Da Da Daaaa - THE CAKE.

Da Da Daaaa – THE CAKE.

And my shining moment. The cake. I was so proud of how this turned out. It’s been A LONG time since I made a cake this big. I was really, really happy with the result.

I cannot believe Katy is old enough to be married. I am so proud of the sweet young lady she has become. You cannot find a more caring and generous soul. I am so happy she found the one that makes her happy. You deserve everything Katy-girl!

Photo by Dani G photography.

Photo by Dani G photography.

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