Here’s to 28.

This last weekend was one big party. I turned 28 on Saturday and was showered with sweet phone calls, messages, texts, cards, etc. I spent the weekend surrounded by all my favorite people and felt so loved all weekend long. It was such a special birthday. Disclaimer: Please excuse the poor quality photos. They were taken with an iPhone in a dimly lit restaurant/bar.

I get asked if I make my own birthday cakes.  The answer is no - LaBaguette does.

I get asked all the time if I make my own birthday cakes. The answer is no – LaBaguette makes them.

Friday night, the Carnivore and I went to McNellie’s with my dearest and closest friends. Old friends, new friends, fitness friends, and work friends all came to help me celebrate!

Sweet Ericka even came to help me celebrate.

Ericka – such a treat to see this girl again.

I haven’t stayed up that late in A LONG time. It was so worth it to have all my favorites in one place.

My sweet Caitlyn. I don’t know what I’d do without this girl.

One of my favorite things to come from VLS, Inc.

One of my favorite things to come from VLS, Inc.

Jenny from the block...err Barre.

Jenny from the block…err Barre.

My regular Barre girls came, my sister drove to Norman from Ft. Smith, friends from workout classes, friends from previous jobs, friends who just had a baby, and friends who are about to have a baby all showed up.

Fitness Friends – Kelly, Kristen, and Amber.

The dark, twisted sister.

The dark, twisted sister. Love her to the moon.

My sister drove up from Ft. Smith just in time for birthday festivities. She stayed pretty late at the restaurant and then ducked out to go buy glow necklaces (more on that later). When I arrived back at my house, Whitney and her friend Christina had decorated our living room with balloons and banners. I didn’t go to sleep until 2 a.m.

My very best friend.

Can’t forget this guy. My very best friend.

Now more on those glow necklaces… I teach a hot yoga class every Saturday morning at 9:15. If you haven’t been to a class at Yoga at Tiffanys, the classes are dimly lit and you can change the lighting. You can even set the lights to change with the beat of the music! It’s a pretty cool set-up.  Anyway, I decided Friday night (at the bar) that glow necklaces/bracelets would be a PERFECT addition to my Saturday morning birthday class.  I also created my playlist when I got home. Probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but it turned out to be so much fun! All 32 of my yogi’s wore glow jewelry, and we practiced to my favorite songs. I even threw in a few birthday jams – Birthday by Katy Perry, Happy Birthday by The Beatles, Forever Young the Youth Group version, and Birthday by Kings of Leon.

Birthday yoga!

Birthday yoga!

Thankfully, I double checked the playlist before my class started and made sure to remove “In da Club” by 50 Cent. The “party like it’s your birthday” line seemed to be a perfect fit on Friday night. Yikes!

As soon as yoga ended, the hubs and I packed up to go to Echo Canyon Resort and Spa in Sulphur, OK. It’s an awesome bed and breakfast only about an hour and a half away from Norman. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures at the bed and breakfast itself, but you can check it out here. As soon as we arrived, it was nap time for both of us. We don’t stay up until 2 a.m. anymore, so we were both struggling to keep our eyes open. Nap time, followed by massages, and a triple entree’ three course dinner.

Echo Canyon Resort & Spa

Echo Canyon Resort & Spa

The Carnivore was in meat heaven. The triple entree’ featured filet mignon, grilled duck breast, and baked halibut – I’m getting the meat sweats just thinking about this.  Each meal came with salad, bread, a twice baked potato, fresh green beans, and dessert. Since The Carnivore doesn’t eat greens, I got two servings of salad and green beans. We both went to bed full and happy. Before we checked out I had to get in a short little yoga practice on the deck, with handstands of course.

Handstands on the deck.

Handstands on the deck.

Echo Canyon is located right outside the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Before leaving town, we spent a couple hours checking out the park. Sulphur is home to natural mineral springs, there were several throughout the park. I now know where Sulphur gets its name – these things stink!

Hillsdale Springs

Hillside Springs

Pavillion Springs

Pavilion Springs

Quick selfie with my favorite. IMG_3762We finished our day on top of Bromide Hill overlooking Sulphur. Obligatory yoga pic… IMG_3773I had the absolute BEST weekend! Thank you all for making it so special. Here’s to 28 being the best year yet!


3 thoughts on “Here’s to 28.

  1. Cassie, I enjoy your blog. Lauren directed me to it. Really enjoying a return to healthy eating and fresh living. I spend all week at a desk (oil and gas job!), so I have to refresh after work to keep my sanity. Have known Chase for a while. We sit by your in laws every Sunday morning. Keep up the inspirational writing!

    Roni Kidd (Lovington).

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