The Perks of Being a Cauliflower

Oh man this was a good week to be a member of my CSA – red butter lettuce, acorn squash, green and red onions, wild honey, and cauliflower! I’ve been experimenting with cauliflower a lot lately, so I knew a cauliflower post was meant to be when I saw it in my basket.


I thought I loved cauliflower growing up, it was steamed with a generous dollop of Cheez Whiz on top. Do you all remember that stuff? Gross. I didn’t know what broccoli and cauliflower really tasted like for many years. I have grown to actually LOVE cauliflower, the actual veggie not the cheese product slathered on top. I’ll eat it raw with hummus or on a salad, steamed with a little salt and pepper, roasted, grilled, and my new favorite…mashed!


So I had heard of people mashing cauliflower in lieu of potatoes as a low-carb, paleo friendly variation. I will eat just about every veggie imaginable, but when I made mashed cauliflower for the first time, I was less than impressed. Whoever thought cauliflower could fool me into thinking I was eating mashed potatoes was mistaken.  That was until it met my Vitamix! …and a few delicious seasonings. I have completely changed my perspective on mashed cauliflower, it’s DELICIOUS! Bonus – The Carnivore will eat it too!

Cauliflower is so good for us. Here are a few health benefits of this cruciferous veggie: (Source: Dr. Mercola)


  • Contains sulforaphane, a compound that has been shown to kill cancer stem cells and improve blood pressure and kidney function.
  • It’s anti-inflammatory.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals: 1 serving contains 77% of your daily Vitamin C.
  • Boosts your brain health: good source of Choline, a B vitamin known for it’s role in brain development
  • Detox support and digestive benefits: an important source of dietary fiber, and sulforaphane can help protect the lining of your stomach.

This Mashed Cauliflower recipe is as creamy as your favorite spud. (Print Me!)

Roughly 1lb. of cauliflower, washed, broken into florets, and steamed. Steam your cauliflower until soft.

DSC_9264Add your steamed cauliflower to a high-powered blender or food processor. Add in salt, pepper, garlic powder (or two garlic cloves), and the ingredient that takes this over the top…. Black Truffle Oil.


One of my favorite Christmas gifts last year. Thanks, Lepaks!

If you’re not a fan of truffle oil, use plain olive oil or any infused olive oil that you prefer.

Turn on your blender/processor and slowly add chicken/vegetable broth. Process until smooth.


Try swapping your mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower. It might surprise you!




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