Yoga Revisited.

A couple of weeks ago I posted Yoga., expressing all of my excitement and fears before my upcoming teacher training. Well I’m happy to report, I had the most amazing week EVER. I met a lot of really great people and learned so many new things. Thankfully, my Barre class has been really patient with me this week- I’ve incorporated more yoga than usual and have been practicing new adjustments on them.

The yoga group.  I can't wait to spend 150 more hours with these incredible people.

The yoga group. I can’t wait to spend 150 more hours with these incredible people. Photo courtesy of Yoga at Tiffanys OKC.

I have been on an absolute high all week.  I’m ready to go back to yoga school.

First day of yoga school.

First day of yoga school. Got my mat and my green smoothie.  I’m ready to go!

Teacher training was 10 hours everyday for 5 days.  That’s a lot of yoga.  Every morning began with a 3 hour practice. This was no restorative flow. It was a heart-pumping, sweating buckets type of flow. I learned after day 1 to pack an extra set of clothes.  Sitting in wet tights all day is MISERABLE.

I didn’t tell my husband this at the time, but when I got home after day 1, I was thinking “what have I gotten myself into?” I wasn’t sure if I could physically make it through 40 more hours of what I endured. He was so sweet and wanted to hear all about my day, I couldn’t muster the energy to tell him anything. Straight to bed for me.

Day 2 was the most painful of all. I was SO SORE from day 1, and had to do it all over again.  This day was by far the hardest to focus. I got through the practice ok, but learning adjustments and alignment that afternoon proved difficult for my tired little brain to process.  I got home at 7pm, took an epsom salt bath and went straight to bed.

Learning alignment and adjustments.

Learning alignment and adjustments.

One of our teachers, Dice, obviously wasn’t sore at all.

Show off. I kid, I kid.

This guy is ridiculous. Click here for this video! Watch it.  You won’t be sorry.

Day 3 I woke up feeling amazing. Isn’t it incredible how quickly the body adjusts? Day 1 I was convinced I couldn’t do it; day 3 I felt like a rockstar. Crazy. Day 3 was also Valentine’s Day. My Valentine and I had dinner reservations in OKC at 8pm. I was seriously worried I would fall asleep at the table. Thankfully, I had enough energy to look presentable and stay coherent throughout our date. If you haven’t already, go try West. They end the meal with complimentary cotton candy.  Need I say more?

Yoga at Tiffany's Norman crew

Yoga at Tiffany’s Norman crew

Day 4 I bounced out of bed ready to tackle the day. I was looking forward to seeing my new friends, and couldn’t wait to do some handstands. The Briohny and Dice teacher training is very asana (posture) focused.  I hated this little fact on day 2.  Day 3 and 4, I was LOVING it! They taught us so many new tricks that made postures I really struggle with not seem so daunting.

Doin' a little handstand werk.

Doin’ a little pike handstand work.

Day 5  we had to be at the studio an hour earlier than usual, which meant I woke up in the 4am hour. For some reason 4:59am seems so much earlier than 5:00am. Day 5 was a big day. We all had to lead sections of our morning practice, and then we were “graded” on how we did.  I use the term “graded” loosely, but it was nerve-racking none the less. We also practiced acro-yoga! So fun! I’m still trying to talk the mister into being my base.

Photo courtesy of Yoga at Tiffany's OKC

Our instructors Bri and Dice. Photo courtesy of Yoga at Tiffany’s OKC

Cory and Whitney practicing a little acro!

Cory and Whitney practicing a little acro!

I cannot thank Yoga at Tiffany’s OKC enough for hosting this teacher training.  It was absolutely incredible! I also can’t imagine doing teacher training with anyone else besides Bri and Dice. They are seriously the most humble, inspiring, encouraging (and many other nice adjectives) people I know.

Bri and Dice are from LA, and when they’re not traveling they teach at Equinox. Equinox has done some promotional videos with them that you MUST see.

Click on the pictures to watch the videos.



This was module 1 of 4, so 3 more sessions to go!  Our next marathon yoga session is in May, and I’m seriously counting down the days.  In the meantime, they’re keeping me pretty busy with homework. 😉



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