Valentine’s Day Treat Template

When I give treats, I love to put them in special packaging.  I think it makes them feel so much more personal.  I know it’s silly, but I get really excited about a dessert with a bow. Here’s the packaging I’m using on my Valentine’s Day treats this year:


All you need is a small cellophane bag, a stapler, a hole punch, a label and a ribbon. I’ve been using raffia a lot lately, I love the homemade/rustic look it gives.  Use whatever type of ribbon you prefer.

Click here for the label template.

The template is 3″ wide by 6″ tall.  Cut out along the outer grey line.  Fold the label in half, on the center grey line. My template is printed on an off-white linen paper.

Place your treats in the cellophane bag. Fold the top down, slide your label over the top and secure it with a staple. Punch a hole on either side of the staple, and tie with a ribbon.


If you missed my last post, here is the recipe for the Red Velvet Whoopie Pies shown above.

Have a sweet day!


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